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Large scale 3D Printer "ArchiFAB"

     The first version of ArchiFAB was developed through a collaborative research project with Takenaka Corporation ( in 2014. The height of machine was decided as 2.3 meters, under considerations of the ordinary room height of architectural design office in the modern buildings.

     We adopted “Delta” structure as the basic mechanism for our 3D Printer. It is easy to be assembled and disassembled, and more importantly, it allows us to attach new components on demands.

     We have been upgrading our machine. One of the biggest inventions is that we replaced a orginary filament-type extruder as a direct pellet-type extruder. As a consequence, this replacement reduced material costs to 1/5- 1/7 degrees and printing time to 1/3- 1/4 degrees. We are also trying to attach multi-material extruders for clay and ceramics.

     Our technologies are about to deploy for several applications, such as fixing cracked architectural structures and designing earthquake resisting wall and bricks.

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